The Student Experience

Carmen Dan

Thank you for the fun times and for jump starting my career in the right direction. This course expanded my knowledge and taught me valuable life lessons involving my elders. In my clinical I learned important ways to create positive relationships with residents and how I can be a helpful Care Aide. Every resident is different and learning how to make residents feel their best, always made my day. Knowing that I’ve made a difference in those residents’ lives makes me excited to start working as a professional Care Aide. With respect and compassion, I’m able to work within my scope of practice and bring care to those in need.

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Chantal Johnson

I walked through the doors of First College not knowing what I was going to take or even what I was interested in taking. They helped me make a choice of what I was going to make of my life, they provided me with support and guidance when I needed it most. The Health Care Aide course allowed me to discover more about myself and what my aptitudes are and how to use that to my advantage. They have taught me how to communicate and care for people on a new level and what it means to truly care for someone who is completely dependant on you. They have given me the tools needed to build a fulfilling life and career. The people at First College interact with you like you are an individual person and not just part of the student body, they always made sure that my questions and concerns were taken seriously and responded to immediately. First College has given me everything I hoped to learn and more.

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