The Student Experience

Three Links Manor Retirement Home

It has been my pleasure to work with a couple of students of First College March 2015.

I found the students I worked with to be mature groomed well, mature and on time for morning report. They were very respectful and open to receiving direction which is commendable as the students range in age from new grads to mature adults. The students were accompanied by their instructor who I found to be supportive to myself as well as helpful to the students. Giving support when required yet giving them wings and building their confidence as they embark on their new career.

Respectively, TLM Staff Member

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Alma Grace Llanos

It has been an amazing experience and a real pleasure to study at First College, a good learning atmosphere. I really enjoy the teaching styles and admire our teacher, being cheerful, helpful and her professional skills. Thanks to the school’s staff particularly to Gary which motivates and encourages us. I’ve glad to be part of First College!

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