The Student Experience

Noel Canuel

I have been a Health Care Aid student at First College since September 2014. It was a fabulous experience for me. The compassion and knowledgeable staff to support my dream of program was a blast. The instructor was amazing that it was a great experience in First College.

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Cheyanne Louie

Health Care Assistant

I’m writing this letter to let you know I had a great time learning with the books and actually learning hands on experiences, and getting to know each of you on a professional level.

I have had a great time in my class room with our instructors it was fun learning and sharing our stories of life and what we learned in class, in the books we read and having to come up with a story of how we would feel if we woke up one day being completely paralyzed n burned and how would that make me feel and honestly getting a different perspective on life, and how it would affect us on all levels and seriously opened my eyes as to how different everyone feels cause no one experiences the things the same way everyone has a different outlook on life. So as I learned with hands on experiences and hearing others stories I have learned that no one has the same experiences and outcomes but as long as we comfort them, share our stories and hear what they have to say cause now a days things have changed to this day to how it was back then.

I was so happy to have taken this course and learning what I know now hoping that I can bring it out in my community or in other elders that are in homes, or trying to live independently. And having our instructors be there with us in practicum and having the staff members in that facility help us learn their ways or show us little easier ways of doing things cause nothing is always by the books per say . But I do know that I am happily experienced and going to be continuing to learn about others and their ways of doing things and finding my own ways of dealing with them comfortable and in a safety matter and hope to bring smiles to their faces and warmth to their hearts as they bring me to mine whether they are having a good or bad day but one day as you work with them daily and, than outta no where they smile and say oh it’s you and smile I love that feeling that yes they remember me cause I’m kind hearted and always smiling and so yea bringing joy to their life and mine has been a wonderful experience to have cause no one is the same, and that some have no one . I thank you for accepting me and making me feel welcome and comfortable.

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